Sunday, 2 March 2008


the bulk of the blog is already in digital file format, and formed the material for a series of talks i gave to the Pagan Federation, beginning about 3-4 years ago, at Croydon in South London, and later in Central London.

the material also places Neolithic Avebury stone circle (North Wiltshire) within a sacred context which is still culturally extant. It was Terry Meaden who first suggested a parallel between the form of Avebury and the "link between the circle and the yoni" in Hindu thought, realised as the 'Shivalinga' devotional sculpture; the moreso, when considering Avebury's Obelisk-centred South Inner Circle arrangement; i subsequently contributed to this realisation by introducing the reality of covert Kaula Temples from mostly Southern India, into the equation: 10th century, open-air temples - basically stone circles, in many instances - devoted to esoteric goddess worship; I also believe that these forms - the Shivalinga, the Kaula Circle and Avebury, all represent the sacred marriage or 'hieros gamos'; that is, the male and female principles in Nature conjoined.

however, the research grows steadily in all directions, like concentric ripples radiating outwards, over the surface of a pool, and the basic, revised material, in blog format, should be underway shortly.

what i like about the blog system is that it is almost built to be revised and edited, and that is just what will happen, so please don't expect a static text set in stone: much as i might prefer this, it is currently impossible, with ongoing supporting notes and references, and by the nature of the enquiry itself, which i can only describe as 'revelationary'.

Reference: Terence Meaden, 'The Secrets of the Avebury Stones', p28, 1999

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Intellectual Property

this blog is the intellectual property (IP) of Ric Kemp. IP refers to all original content, not clearly marked otherwise - for example, by quotation marks. the author may revise or edit the content, according to the requirements of the project, which is ongoing and protean. no part of this blog may be copied, duplicated or replicated - by any means - without prior permission from the author. thank you. RK