Sunday, 2 March 2008


the bulk of the blog is already in digital file format, and formed the material for a series of talks i gave to the Pagan Federation, beginning about 3-4 years ago, at Croydon in South London, and later in Central London.

the material also places Neolithic Avebury stone circle (North Wiltshire) within a sacred context which is still culturally extant. It was Terry Meaden who first suggested a parallel between the form of Avebury and the "link between the circle and the yoni" in Hindu thought, realised as the 'Shivalinga' devotional sculpture; the moreso, when considering Avebury's Obelisk-centred South Inner Circle arrangement; i subsequently contributed to this realisation by introducing the reality of covert Kaula Temples from mostly Southern India, into the equation: 10th century, open-air temples - basically stone circles, in many instances - devoted to esoteric goddess worship; I also believe that these forms - the Shivalinga, the Kaula Circle and Avebury, all represent the sacred marriage or 'hieros gamos'; that is, the male and female principles in Nature conjoined.

however, the research grows steadily in all directions, like concentric ripples radiating outwards, over the surface of a pool, and the basic, revised material, in blog format, should be underway shortly.

what i like about the blog system is that it is almost built to be revised and edited, and that is just what will happen, so please don't expect a static text set in stone: much as i might prefer this, it is currently impossible, with ongoing supporting notes and references, and by the nature of the enquiry itself, which i can only describe as 'revelationary'.

Reference: Terence Meaden, 'The Secrets of the Avebury Stones', p28, 1999

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Trans-itions Photography said...

I look forward to your journey narrative with interest.
You may wish to let members of the Avebury Temple Complex group on flickr know about your writing.