Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Marian Cipher: Rediscovery of the Sun Goddess

A new book is in preparation which explores the many questions raised by this blog. Please watch this space.

Thank you.



keithobri said...

Hi Ric, I have a graet interest in "Daisy wheels" as I am a timber framer.You should check out the work of Laurie smith who has dedicated a lot of time into their use by craftsmen over the centuries.This will probably open up a whole bag of worms for you! They are known by many different names including the 'seed of life'
and even thought to be withches marks on old timber framed buildings.The oldest version of this type of mark is thought to be six thousands years old.

Ric said...


Cool :)

Yes thanks I know about the timber marks - have you seen this site?


The Daisy Wheels we know and love today are scribed with compasses or similar tools but the rosette can be found carved onto megalithic monuments such as Cairn 'T' at Loughcrew in Ireland, where they are purposefully illuminated by the equinoctial sun. The megalith builders undoubtedly used timber but relatively nothing has survived, but many of the stones have (not all). I definitely believe there is a connection between the medieval Daisy Wheels found on ancient beams and the megalithic rosettes. I will be hoping to get that book out in 2011: more there!



Ric said...

PS. Oh, I see where you're coming from -

I am no mason or mathematician but the 'daisy wheel' hexagram is much more difficult to scribe out than say the Star of David hexagram which fulfils anything that a daisy wheel can in terms of finding angles and so forth. So I generally reject the thesis that the medieval daisy wheels found on timbers and beams are mason's constructional rubrics for building houses. Timothy Easton has done a great deal of research into timber marks including daisy wheels, he is pretty certain we are looking at folk magic here, not geometry per se. Remember that builders are pretty superstitious people, even today, consider the 'topping out' ceremony which still goes on unnoticed by the majority



Anonymous said...

I will definitely be keeping my eye out - I have drawn daisy wheels instinctively since I can remember. I would LOVE to read about them!

Anonymous said...

I am sad, I've missed your blog posts. Have you made a new one elsewhere?

Ric said...

Hi Bottledhammer,

Yes there's a new blog about Easter, the blog is really 'PR' for the book but the book's on hold: publisher problems then the manuscript just kept on growing so I will have to revise it now. But all to the good - data just keeps pouring in and that is positive :) Thanks for your interest!